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News article7 February 2024AccessibleEU1 min read

AccessibleEU February events

AccessibleEU events are back in the Centre’s second year. February is kickstarting this second round with workshops in Italy and in the Zero Project Conference 2024. 

Audience at an event


On 17 February, AccessibleEU Italy will host a workshop about accessible tourism within the Agritravel and Slow Travel Expo in Bergamo. The workshop, which will be in Italian and English, also aims to raise awareness of the importance of building fruitful national and international networks and enhance the transition to sustainable and responsible tourism in Europe. More information

AccessibleEU European event 

AccessibleEU will host four workshops about the implementation of European accessibility policies as part of the Zero Project Conference 2024 (ZeroCon24), which will take place on 21-23 February in Vienna, Austria. The event “Implementing accessibility legislation. Global Experiences and perspectives for Exchanging and Learning” will consist of four four panels, which will represent the four thematic pillars of the AccessibleEU: ICT, Built Environment, Transport, and Policies and Standards. More information


Publication date
7 February 2024