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News article19 December 2023University of Maribor1 min read

European Accessibility Act adopted in Slovenia

The National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the European Accessibility Act in January 2023.

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On 24 January 2023, the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia passed the Law on Accessibility to Products and Services for People with Disabilities, which transposed a European Directive into Slovenian law. This law is a significant step forward for persons with disabilities in Slovenia, as after 2025, they will have equal access to a broader range of accessible products.  

Starting from 28 June 2025, this law enhances the protection of individuals with disabilities as consumers. The legislation establishes a general framework for the accessibility of certain products and services and regulates the conditions for accessibility for users with various forms of disabilities. It also outlines the obligations of economic entities regarding the accessibility of specific products and services, designates supervisory authorities to verify compliance with accessibility requirements, and specifies penalties for violations.  

The law defines accessibility requirements for products such as computers and operating systems, payment terminals, self-service terminals, smartphones, and other equipment for accessing telecommunications services, television equipment including digital television services, and e-books. Accessibility conditions are also outlined for audiovisual media services, electronic communication services, and certain elements of air, bus, rail, and water transport services . Consumer banking services, e-books, e-commerce, and responding to emergency calls within the unified European number 112 are also included.  

Link to the Slovenian Law: Zakon o dostopnosti do proizvodov in storitev za invalide (ZDPSI)


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19 December 2023
University of Maribor
  • Slovenia