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News article13 September 2023AccessibleEU Centre1 min read

The European Disability Card will soon become a reality

The European Commission has proposed a European Disability Card that will serve as an official proof of disability in the 27 Member States and will ensure that persons with disabilities realise their right to free movement.


The proposal includes a reinforcement of the current European Parking Card for persons with disabilities.

The European card will grant equal access to special conditions (free entry or reduced fees) and preferential treatment in services such as transport, cultural events, museums, amusement parks, sport centres, among others.

It can only be used when travelling through Europe as tourists or on short stays. Persons with disabilities who move permanently to another Member State need to follow the country’s rule regarding disability.

The European Disability Card will be available in both physical and virtual formats.

Enhanced European Parking Card for persons with disabilities

The improved European Parking Card will replace national parking cards for persons with disabilities and will grant access to the same parking rights available in other Member States.

More information about the European Disability Card.


Publication date
13 September 2023
AccessibleEU Centre