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News article25 January 2024University of Maribor1 min read

Exploring Slovenia's accessible winter adventures for everyone

Slovenia offers a variety of accessible winter recreational activities, ranging from skiing and curling to sled hockey and motor sled journeys. 


Slovenia offers a variety of accessible winter recreational activities for persons with disabilities, ensuring everyone can enjoy the beauty and exhilaration of snow-covered landscapes. One of the most popular sports is para-alpine skiing, which caters to a wide range of physical disabilities, including those with cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, or amputations.  

Adapted skiing equipment such as mono-ski, bi-ski, kart-ski, and tandem-ski enables individuals with more severe mobility impairments to experience the thrill of skiing. Slovenian ski resorts like Kranjska Gora and the Ski center in Rateče near Planica are well-equipped with facilities and trails for adapted skiing. 

Wheelchair curling, a winter sport resembling ice-bowling, offers a unique experience for athletes with disabilities. In Slovenia, this sport can be played at the Ice Hall Zalog in Ljubljana. This indoor activity provides an excellent opportunity for social interaction and physical exercise, and the Slovenian Paralympic Committee recognizes it as a paralympic sport, promoting its growth and accessibility. 

For those looking to explore the serene winter landscapes, Slovenia offers unique experiences such as snowboarding adaptations and sled hockey. Additionally, exploring snowy terrains in a wheelchair or embarking on a motor sled journey presents a thrilling adventure. Locations like Vogel and Rogla offer motor sled rentals for exploring surrounding areas. Rogla also offers an enchanting experience of dog sledding.  

Moreover, specially designed cross-country ski trails are available for seated skiing, with notable locations in Kranjska Gora and the Rateče Ski center near Planica. These diverse options ensure that individuals with disabilities can actively participate in winter sports, embracing the fresh air and physical activity that the season offers. 

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25 January 2024
University of Maribor
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