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News article20 September 2023Agenzia per l'Italia digitale (AgID)1 min read

Italian public and private websites must publish an accessibility statement by 23 September

Italian public and private websites and applications with an average turnover exceeding EUR 500 million in the last 3 years, must publish or update their accessibility statement by 23 September in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree 76/2020.

Text in Italian reminding of the obligation to publish accessibility statements on public and private websites by 24 September

To submit the statement, public bodies must exclusively use the online form made available by the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID).

Private organisations, companies and individuals must use a template in which they must indicate the compliance status of their websites or applications as well as any inaccessible content, instructions on how to report accessibility issues and other relevant information.

The declaration must be available via links on the footer of websites or in the general information section of mobile applications stores or on the provider’s website.

The accessibility statement annual update, in addition to being a legal obligation, is a useful opportunity to take stock of the issue of accessibility, by reviewing sites and applications to ensure that digital services are accessible to all.


Publication date
20 September 2023
Agenzia per l'Italia digitale (AgID)