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News article8 February 2024University of Maribor1 min read

Slovenia shows the highest number of providers for European Disability Card

The card has become highly sought after in Slovenia, offering benefits from 500 providers.

European Commission

The Slovenian project "Improving the Accessibility of Goods and Services for Persons with Disabilities with the European Disability Card" aims to enhance the social inclusion of persons with disabilities through a comprehensive approach, systematic activities, and greater accessibility and availability of products and services. 

The project has proven to be highly successful in Slovenia, as the European Disability Card has become highly sought after among persons with disabilities in Slovenia, offering various benefits from various providers both in Slovenia and elsewhere in Europe. These benefits include free entries, sport activities, books, or discounts on services. With 500 benefit providers, Slovenia leads in Europe in terms of the number of service providers relative to the country's size.

A common website has been established, providing insight into all the providers in specific locations in Slovenia. The process of obtaining the EU Disability Card is also available through the official website. Currently, there are approximately 15.000 cardholders in Slovenia, which has a population of 2 million, with the number steadily increasing.

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Benefits for persons with disabilities.


Publication date
8 February 2024
University of Maribor
  • Slovenia