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News article6 October 2023AccessibleEU Centre1 min read

WCAG 2.2 is officially a W3C recommendation

The W3C has published the latest version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.2), which adds nine success criteria and removes the Parsing criteria which has been declared obsolete.

WCAG 2.2 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

The newly added success criteria deal with keyboard focus, dragging movements, minimum target size, consistent help, data input and accessible authentication.

This new version of the WCAG include a minimum and enhanced versions of Focus Not Obscured which requires that when an item receives focus it is “not entirely hidden due to author created content”.

The other focus-relate criteria deals with appearance and requires that when a component is in focus, it should be at least “as large as the area of a 2 CSS pixel thick perimeter of the unfocused component” and “have a contrast ratio of at least 3:1”.

Two success criteria were added to guideline 2.5 Input Modality, which are Dragging movements and Target size. The first one requires that a simple pointer alternative is provided for any action that involves dragging. The second one establishes a minimum size for targets (at least 24 x 24 CSS pixels).

The Consistent Help success criteria requires websites to put help in a place where it can be easily found by users.

WCAG 2.2 also include a minimum and enhanced version of the Accessible Authentication success criteria that require websites to have authentication methods that do not rely on cognitive function tests like solving puzzles, recognising objects or transcribing something.

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Publication date
6 October 2023
AccessibleEU Centre