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CP class 2240 regional trains lifting platforms retrofitting - Portugal

  • Portugal
Scope of application
  • Transport
Type of organisation
  • Public administration
Organisation responsible
  • CP – Comboios de Portugal

The national train operator of Portugal, CP, has decided to retrofit its class 2240 trains with lifting platforms to improve accessibility for passengers who use wheelchairs. The trains were first built in the 70s, 80s, and 90s and were refurbished in 2004 to improve their comfort and usability. During this refurbishment, the trains were adapted with accessible toilets and portable ramps. However, this was not enough to guarantee accessibility on all train stations, as some have low boarding platforms.

Due to the lack of investment on railways, in Portugal, CP was forced to look into other options rather than ramps. Lifting platforms, onboard the trains, was the most flexible option available and fitted the passenger’s needs.

The new lifting platforms are capable of lifting up to 350kg from track level to train interior level and can also perform emergency drop-off with no power. This retrofit aims to make boarding and alighting more easy, quick and safer than using portable ramps. This retrofit was based on feedback from passengers, who complained about the lack of accessibility at some train stations. CP's accessibility advisory board also provided feedback on the retrofit process.

The retrofitting of the class 2240 trains is a significant step forward for accessibility in Portugal, since these trains cover almost the entire country on regional services. It will allow people who use wheelchairs to travel more easily and independently by train to and from many more train stations.

Customer procedures manual for integrated service of Mobility in CP.

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