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DysTest - Czech Republic

Scope of application
Type of organisation
Organisation responsible
Masaryk University

DysTest is a battery of tests for the diagnosis of specific learning disabilities in university students and university applicants. It is a comprehensive set of diagnostic methods that address dyslexia in the areas of reading skills, language competence, visual and auditory perception and memory.

The battery includes a screening questionnaire based on the principle of a self-assessment scale, which can be used when considering diagnostic indications, and a prepared anamnestic questionnaire can be used to record the initial anamnestic examination.

The coordinator and main inventor of this tool is Teiresias Centre, Masaryk University. The Czech Technical University in Prague and the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, as well as experts from the Faculty of Arts of Charles University and the Pedagogical and Psychological Counselling Centre of the Central Bohemia Region, participated in the creation of this diagnostic battery as partner schools.

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