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E-learning Platform - TACTILE IMAGES - Romania

Scope of application
Type of organisation
Organisation responsible
The Urban Development Association

E-learning Platform - TACTILE IMAGES has been designed to encourage visually impaired children to resort to independent learning and guaranteeing assimilation speed, a larger field spectrum and introducing the Smartphone as a pedagogical tool.

The platform contains:

  • A library with over 800 accessible images (drawings + audio details), which can be downloaded and turned into tactile graphics.
  • A Mobile App which uses Artificial Intelligence to describe tactile graphics in real-time.
  • An editor and a drawer where a sighted person can create  custom content (maps, objects that a blind person wants to find out more about and many others).

The platform uses modern technologies (Interactive Augmented Reality) to enable blind people and partially sighted persons to resort to independent learning.

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