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Enabling multimodal mobility of persons with disabilities in Slovenia

  • Slovenia
Scope of application
  • Transport
Type of organisation
  • Public administration
Organisation responsible
  • Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy (MOPE)
  • Ministry of Infrastructure (MZI)
  • Geodetic Institute of Slovenia

The cooperation of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy, the Geodetic Institute of Slovenia, disability organizations and municipalities represents an advanced organizational model that has been successfully operating since 2015 and ensures the transfer of knowledge between participants. Currently, 63 municipalities are included in the project, for which data on the accessibility and transportability of roads and sidewalks was collected.

Building such a data infrastructure enables independent mobility for persons with disabilities. The database currently contains in February, 2023 more than 50.000 covered facilities according to the standard, 47,088 routes and pedestrian crossings, 2,530 parking spaces for the disabled, 1,575 public passenger transport stops, 235 public toilets and 3,902 physical barriers. In the future activities are expansion of the circle of users, connection with other projects, such as safe school routes, the establishment of a permanent service for the mobility of vulnerable groups and the establishment of a platform for the mobility of five spaces, i.e. the social environment, outdoor space, indoor space, virtual free and online environment.

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