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Erliefnis bagggerweier. Destination for all - Luxembourg

Scope of application
Natural environment
Type of organisation
Non-profit organisation
Organisation responsible
Erliefnis Baggerweier asbl

The English translation of the Luxembourgish name “Erliefnis Baggerweier” means “Experience gravel pond”. The described destination is located in Remerschen, a section of the village Schengen on the Luxembourg Moselle river, well known through the signature of the European Schengen-Agreement on open borders in Europe.

Since the end of the commercial exploitation of the quarry in the early 1960ties, the gravel pits filled with water from subterranean sources and nature gained more and more space with the comeback of a huge variety of flora and fauna having as a result that the ponds became part of the “Natura 2000” reserve with very strict rules for the protection of nature.

By and by, the destination evolved to a popular bathing and fishing location with more than 50,000 visitors during the summer season. The growing success of the destination as a bathing, leisure and party location evolved to an increasing organisational challenge for the local authorities in charge of guaranteeing the preservation of the environment and the safety of the visitors.

In 2020 the non-profit association “Erliefnis Baggerweier asbl” took over the management of the location. As the general objective of the association consists in the professional inclusion of people with different backgrounds concerning their abilities, their education, their origin, etc., the challenge consisted in making the site more comfortable and safer for the visitors and employees while, at the same time, respecting all the environmental rules and limitations.

A very first aim was the improvement of the physical accessibility through different measures:

  1. At the main entrance, there were initially 10 to15 cm steps to toilets, showers, and the ticketing office. Furthermore, the level difference between the main entrance and the bathing level was bridged by a steep ramp with a slope far beyond the legal standards. First improvement initiatives consisted in the elimination of all level differences and by rebuilding a new ramp with respect to the national standards. At the same time, additional fully accessible toilets and showers were installed, including a changing table for persons from all sizes.
  2. The ground of all footways was covered with gravel, pebbles or gras, making it very difficult for visitors with prams, wheelchairs, walking aids or handcarts to move around. A coherent system of wooden paths connecting the relevant areas of the location was constructed allowing people to comfortably move forward. All pathways do respect the national accessibility standards. The pathways include also wooden platforms for guests who permanently need a solid ground.
  3. For persons with reduced mobility, entering the water of the lake can be a challenge. A swimming platform was installed with the aim to allow everybody to get safely into the water. The platform includes a ramp with handrails allowing people to slowly walk into the water. In addition wheelchair users can transfer from their wheelchair to a special aquatic wheelchair to enter the water with assistance. Blind people can use the platform and a guiding system as well to get safely in and out the water.
  4. Toilets. At different places around the lakes, wheelchair accessible mobile toilets are available for all guests.
  5. One part of the location, called “Carpodrome” is reserved for fishing. Among the available fishing pontoons, some have been arranged in a way to be easily reached and used by wheelchair users.

In the future, making the whole location fully accessible, will be an ongoing process.

The destination has been awarded with the national accessibility label "EureWelcome":

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