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EureWelcome - The national accessibility labelling system - Luxembourg

  • Luxembourg
Scope of application
  • Standards
Type of organisation
  • Public administration
Organisation responsible
  • Ministry of Tourism in cooperation with Info-Handicap

Luxembourg’s labelling system EureWelcome has its origins in an Interreg project gathering partners from Belgium, the Netherlands, two German “Länder” and Luxembourg. In the beginning it was under the control of the ministry for disability policies and migrated later to the responsibility of the ministry of tourism as providers in that field were the most interested in such a label. The “technical part” meaning the accessibility-checks is done by the staff of the Luxembourg national disability council.

The EureWelcome label is not yet linked to the national legislation and does not guarantee the full accessibility according to legal standards. It is more a first step aiming at encouraging owners or managers of public or commercial infrastructure and services to increase the easiness and comfort of their venues or services.

Since the start of the labelling system, it was mandatory that the accessibility-checks could not be done by the providers themselves but by neutral “checkers” and it was clear as well, that it had to be a paying service in order to underline the high expectations towards the quality of the information collected and published.

While checking a client’s venue, a basic checklist is used to look at the infrastructure and the way how services are provided. The check also includes a meeting with the staff onsite and some basic information on how to welcome guests with special needs.

The collected information must be very accurate and, even where a 100% accessibility cannot be guaranteed, it is important to make sure that the user has access to all details of the enquiry in order to allow him/her to find out, if the venue can be convenient for his/her individual situation.

When a venue is entitled to receiving the label, the detailed information is published on the EureWelcome Website. Furthermore, when a certain number of labels has been reached, the minister of tourism organises once or twice per year an official ceremony where the owners or managers receive an official plaque that can be fixed at the entrance of the venue.

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