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European Accessibility Act support website for SME's in the Netherlands

  • Netherlands
Scope of application
  • Products and services
Type of organisation
  • Other
Organisation responsible
  • MKB Nederland

If you are a Dutch SME and you want to know what to do, this is the one stop shop website. It is full of information, plans, toolkits and more to help SME's and everyone who makes products and services for SME's.

The website includes information about accessibility of the built environment, interior, communication, products, apps and websites. The website is full of interesting interviews with companies who describe how they implement accessibility into their products and services. Their experience can be useful for others and the stories include many useful tips and references.

The site also offers general information about the need for accessibility, how persons with disabilities use the web, and how to address accessibility in your organizational processes to be more successful.

The website is constantly being updated by the Dutch SME umbrella organizations and is part of a larger communication project to inform SME's about how they can practically implement the Accessibility Act in their daily practice. AccessibleEU participates in the webinars that are all available on this website including Q&A and readable tips for SME's.

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Disclaimer: Accessible EU is not responsible for the accessibility of content provided by third parties.