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Herman Teirlinck building Brussels - Herman Teirlinck gebouw Brussel - Belgium

Scope of application
Built environment
Type of organisation
Public administration
Organisation responsible
Het Facilitair Bedrijf, Flemish Government - Inter

Accessibility in the Flemish government is important. That is why the Herman Teirlinck building is as accessible as possible for everyone. As a result, the building achieves a very good score (A+ label) for accessibility.

The Flemish government's Herman Teirlinck building at Tour & Taxis in Brussels is in use since 2017 and is the largest passive office complex and the working environment of 2,400 employees of the Flemish Gouvernment.

The building is an example of sustainable architecture. Six building layers surround four green winter gardens. With optimal daylighting and state-of-the-art climate control and energy installations. Sustainability also focuses on user comfort.

One of the requirements of the Flemish government was inclusive design, which means that the accessible environment of the office building must offer comfort to everyone. In cooperation with Inter, the building received the A+ accessibility label for office buildings.

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