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Inclusive publishing by inclusief publiceren - Netherlands

  • Netherlands
Scope of application
  • Products and services
Type of organisation
  • Non-profit organisation
Organisation responsible
  • Dedicon and partners in TPUB project

Dutch Dedicon Foundation published the website This website provides a wealth of information on digitally accessible publishing. It is primarily targeted at publishers.

The website aims to prepare them for the European Accessibility Act, which mandates that publishers and other service providers must offer their products and services digitally accessible by 2025.

However, offers a treasure trove of practical information beneficial to anyone interested in digitally accessible publishing. The site includes tips on making websites and (PDF) documents digitally accessible, along with guidance on how to independently test websites for digital accessibility.

Additionally, there is a handy overview of tools, guidelines, and regulations. The website addresses frequently asked questions and provides a platform for users to pose inquiries to experts. In summary, it is undoubtedly worth a visit for those seeking practical assistance in digitally accessible publishing of their information.

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