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Kimap. Navigator for accessible maps and itineraries - Italy

  • Italy
Scope of application
  • Personal autonomy
Type of organisation
  • Company
Organisation responsible
  • Kinoa Innovation Studio

Kimap is a navigator that indicates accessible routes and places for people with disabilities. Kimap is a native iOS and Android app available worldwide and in English language as well. 

Each app feature is designed in order to make information accessible to everyone. All members of the community can actively participate by proposing thematic guides, reviews and feedback on locations not yet evaluated. 

However, Kimap is a transversal project in the field of accessibility. It is used in the context of crowd mapping activities, during on-site mapping and at in person events supported by this technology. Crowdmapping is a participatory mapping methodology for creating shared maps in group-sessions, where participants can map with their smartphone following an established route. 

The mapping activities of Kimap start with an in person visit to the location; barriers are then geolocated and described using a traffic-light classification system to indicate its degree of accessibility. Finally, the team analyses the data and finalizes the map that will be available to all users on the app.

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