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Les contes de la Comté - Sentier forestier accessible écologique (Tales of the Shire - Accessible Ecological Forest Trail) - France

  • Belgium
Scope of application
  • Culture and leisure
Type of organisation
  • Public administration

The “Shire's storytelling trail” allows you to wander through the forest in complete safety, with stories to touch, read and listen to. The course, a 900 meter loop, has very little elevation change and a surface accessible to people with reduced mobility. Indeed, this ride was designed for the comfort of all: families, people in wheelchairs, blind spectators, disabled people.

PRM (person with reduce mobility) accessibility, orientation and safety: to orient yourself, the north and south sides of the car park are equipped with sound beacons that can be triggered by remote control. To the south of the car park is the “Maison des Espaces Naturels”, open to the public on Wednesday afternoons and event weekends. To the north of the parking lot is the start of several trails.

At the start of the Shire Tales Trail there is a tactile map of the route. To guide you on the trail, follow the mineral surface lined with grass and listen to your pedestrian GPS: a GPX track is available for download on the website.

Comfort: in the car park there is a picnic area and dry toilets for people with reduced mobility. You will find two other picnic areas on this trail: the first is located 100 meters from the start and has a drinking water point. The second is two-thirds of the way through, about 600 meters from the start.

For everyone's comfort, the course has numerous seats with backrests and armrests. All sensitive passages have been neutralized, and access to the pond is secured by barriers.

As you walk there, you will find 7 educational spaces intended to help you discover the themes explored on other trails in the County which are not accessible to people with reduced mobility or strollers.

In each of these educational spaces, there are benches and information supports. Tactile or sound devices reveal the different facets of the departmental forest.

This trail is labeled Tourism and hearing, mental, motor and visual disabilities.

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