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Lisbon for All - Accessible Tourism Guide - Portugal

  • Portugal
Scope of application
  • Tourism
Type of organisation
  • Public administration
Organisation responsible
  • City of Lisbon

As part of the Lisbon’s Pedestrian Accessibility Plan public consultation processes, people have defined as one of the essential tasks the development of information tools and documents regarding accessibility. Within these tools and documents, touristic information was considered insufficient and therefore there was a need to fill this gap through a document that could centralise information.

Taking from the example in other cities, the guide aims to cover several different sectors with practical information about how to move out and about in Lisbon. Includes hotels, restaurants, museums and other attractions in the city. Several of these were actually tested by disabled people, including several paths in the city to identify places were people can move around more confidently.

Besides this, there is a chapter on public transport with information regarding how to navigate the transport network and check were is accessible or not. This chapter also includes information about tickets and how to buy and use them. The guide was available online and printed copies could be requested at selected hotels and tourism offices.

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