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MAPS - Accessible Museums for people with hearing impairment - Musei Accessibili per le Persone Sorde - Italy

  • Italy
Scope of application
  • Culture and leisure
Type of organisation
  • Organisation representative of people with disabilities
Organisation responsible
  • ENS - Ente Nazionale Sordi

In the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 the ENS (National Association for the Deaf) decided to do its bit with the Accessible Museums for Deaf People project or MAPS for short. The project was the brainchild of the ENS  central office and is co-funded by the Department of Labour and Social Policies. Its goals are twofold:

  • creating an online platform to showcase all Italian museums or culture sites with accessibility services for deaf people;
  • organizing training courses on museum accessibility for deaf young people under the age of 35 across Italy.

Accessibitily was thus created to achieve the first of these objectives: here deaf people can easily access a complete list of cultural sites at which they can fully experience art in all its profound emotions in a single virtual space.

The museum accessibility training course, on the other hand, was set up to get deaf people actively involved in the Italian cultural panorama. In the 20 phases of the course the young deaf participants learnt the theories, language, techniques and fundamental strategies underlying museum accessibility from four expert sector teachers with an eye to the specific needs of deaf people. In its long journey from Trento to Palermo, the MAPS course touched on some of the most important museums and cultural sites in Italy and got 400 young deaf people involved.

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