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Mountains connect us - Łączą nas góry - Poland

  • Poland
Scope of application
  • Tourism
Type of organisation
  • Non-profit organisation
Organisation responsible
  • Ładne Historie Foundation

The project consist of a series of mountain trips for kids with physical disabilities ( people in the wheelchairs) their families and caregiver.

Experiencing mountains together is intended to help disabled children increase their self-esteem, gain self-confidence and focus on setting their own goals, recognising their potential and, above all, believing in their own abilities.

It requires special equipment that is expensive and difficult to access. In addition to mountain trips  the video productions have been produced showing how to read the maps and recognise which trails are accessible.

The good practices: promoting active forms of recreation for disabled people, providing respite care  free of charge, mountain tourism for disabled and cares.

The project is implemented under Active Citizenship Found – National Fund financed by Island, Lichtenstein and Norway under EOG.

The partners of the project are: Local Tourist Organisation, Świdnica County, Maria Teresa Gerhardinger Charity and Care Association from Świebodzice, Olimp Student.

More about The “Łączą nas góry” (“Mountains connect us”). Video (in Polish).

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