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The National Accessibility Authority - Greece

Scope of application
Public administration
Type of organisation
Public administration
Organisation responsible
Prime Minister's office

The National Accessibility Authority is an advisory body of the State, subordinate to the Prime Minister, for the purpose of access for persons with disabilities in all areas of human activity and has as its mission the continuous monitoring of issues related to the right of access of persons with disabilities and formulating proposals for the formulation of public policies in matters of its subject.

The establishment of the Authority, which was a long-standing request of the National Confederation of Disabled People of Greece, is an innovative action of decisive importance for the disability movement, which highlights the importance and position of accessibility in the agenda of modern policies that the Greek State is now called upon to follow in the aftermath of an economic and health crisis.

The Authority consists of twelve members, as follows:

  • Six renowned scientists in fields related to the mission and responsibilities of the Authority or citizens whose activity is related to the access of people with disabilities to education, culture, arts, sports, work, entrepreneurship and information, of which three are persons with disabilities, one is designated as President and one as First Vice President.
  • A scientist of known prestige in fields related to the Authority's mission and responsibilities, chosen by the National  Confederation of Disabled People of Greece (NCDP), as Second Vice-President.
  • A representative of the NCDP.
  • A representative of the Union of Regions of Greece
  • A representative of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece.
  • The President of the National Commission for Human Rights.
  • The Greek Ombudsman or Assistant Ombudsman appointed by him. 

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