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OpenAble: the solution to overcome digital architectural barriers - Italy

  • Italy
Scope of application
  • Technology
Type of organisation
  • Company
Organisation responsible
  • Neosperience SpA

OpenAble is an online tool developed with the objective to overcome digital barriers and improve web accessibility. The platform is able to transform a website into a welcoming and inclusive environment in order to allow every user to access it fully. 

Its features include eight different accessibility profiles (low vision, reduced mobility, epilepsy, simplified reading, dyslexia, color blindness, blindness and ADHD) and options to adjust visual attention, navigation and content visualization (including text and graphic style). 

OpenAble can provide with an accessibility certificate of the website’s compliance with WCAG directives and national regulations on web accessibility. It can also send a monthly accessibility report on the website’s visitors, and users can save their accessibility settings for future accesses. 

OpenAble can also read texts in the preferred language and conduct website accessibility analysis based on AI.

More about OpenAble.

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