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Plateforme collaborative “Accèslibre" - “Freeaccess” collaborative platform - France

  • France
Scope of application
  • Communication
Type of organisation
  • Public administration

The French government offers a collaborative platform called “Acceslibre” (“free access”) to inform users about the accessibility of public buildings in France.

Its goal is to create a common, shared, free and open database by mobilizing and uniting all accessibility stakeholders via this collaborative tool.
This platform allows people to:

  • Find accessible places open to the public:Whatever your disability, it allows you to access essential accessibility information in order to anticipate your outings and trips in an establishment open to the public.
  • Participate in the enrichment of accessibility data: It is also a citizen platform open to everyone. Whether you are the manager of a public building or a user, or an accessibility expert, you can share your experience, contribute and enrich the information in the database. 
  • Contribute to the Open Data collaborative platform: It promotes the opening and sharing of accessibility data (Open Data) in order to optimize formatted and qualified collection via a data schema and to share and disseminate this information for the benefit of all. For this, Acceslibre makes its regularly updated data available on

This collaborative site is also enriched by data collected by accessibility ambassadors (good practice # 3, 2024) during their missions. Indeed, on May 25, 2021, the government launched the deployment of 1,000 “accessibility ambassadors” by 2022.

More about Acceslibre.

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