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Polygraf - Czech Republic


  • Czechia
Scope of application
  • Assistive products and technologies
Type of organisation
  • Other
Organisation responsible
  • Masaryk University

The application, which was developed at Masaryk University primarily as a means to ensure accessibility of studies for university students with hearing or visual impairments, is therefore typically used in lectures and seminars. However, due to the minimal requirements for on-site technical facilities, it can also be used outside the premises of the school (e.g. at corporate presentations or meetings) if the participation of people with sensory disabilities is expected. The polygraph therefore allows:

  • Visualisation of synchronous transcription (speech-to-text) on a handheld display that is individually available to the user (tablet, mobile phone, laptop). The service is thus primarily intended for users with hearing impairments who are dependent on spoken word transcription.
  • The individual display of the presentation on the handheld display thus offers better readability (not only) for users with visual impairments (mirroring of presentations).

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