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Project Museum for All (accessible to persons with intellectual disabilities) Museo per tutti (accessibile alle persone con disabilità intellettiva) - Italy

  • Italy
Scope of application
  • Culture and leisure
Type of organisation
  • Non-profit organisation
Organisation responsible
  • Associazione Onlus L'Abilità

“Museo per tutti (accessible to persons with intellectual disabilities) guarantees the right to culture to people with intellectual disabilities by making museums and places with a historical/cultural or naturalistic interest accessible, through paths and pedagogical tools that enrich the educational offer, promoting inclusion culture.

The aim is to build a context of inclusive society where the person with disability can interact more easily in all the daily situations trying to dismantle prejudices and stereotypes about the capacity of this kind of public to understand culture.

In every museum/cultural site adhering to the project, Museo per tutti makes an educational path for the comprehension of the artistic collection and cultural heritage that lets the visitor join a new experience of wellness.

The Museo per tutti team trains the museum staff to welcome and interact adequately. The support tool for the museum staff is an accessible guidebook that lets the users carry out their visit independently, either alone or in small groups.

More about the project Museo per tutti.

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