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Promotion of standardisation on accessibility and the participation of organisations representative of people with disabilities - Spain

Scope of application
Type of organisation
Organisation representative of people with disabilities
Organisation responsible
Fundación ONCEUNE

Fundación ONCE and UNE have had collaboration agreements on the promotion of standardisation on accessibility since 2015. This agreement has allowed the development of the following international and national standards:

  • ISO 21902:2021. Tourism and related services. Accessible tourism for all - Requirements and recommendations.
  • UNE 170002:2022. Accessibility requirements for sign elements in buildings.
  • UNE 153101:2018 EX. Easy to read. Guidelines and recommendations for the elaboration of documents.
  • UNE 41531:2018 IN. Accessibility of the Immovable Cultural Heritage. General criteria and methodology.

It is also currently supporting the development of the following Spanish standards:

  • PNE 170600. Design of pictograms for signing with accessibility criteria.
  • PNE 170601. Procedure accessible to everyone for assessing the understanding of a graphic symbol.
  •  PNE 26494. Road vehicles. Vehicles for the transport of people with reduced mobility. Capacity up to nine passengers, driver included.