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Republic Presidency Museum - Museu da Presidência da República - Portugal

  • Portugal
Scope of application
  • Tourism
Type of organisation
  • Public administration
Organisation responsible
  • City of Cascais

This museum has developed a detailed plan to be fully accessible to everyone, regardless of their limitations. The plan includes both physical accessibility to all spaces and access to information (both online and offline). In front of the museum’s building, there are parking slots for people with conditioned mobility, the entrance and all interior spaces are accessible and made spacious for those using wheelchairs. While all floors are accessible by lifts and lifting platforms.

To make the museum's exposition accessible to people who are blind or partially sighted the information about the exposition is also available in Braille, and there are guides who can provide support to visitors who need support while visiting the museum.

In addition, the museum has taken steps to make its exhibits and programs accessible to people with intellectual disabilities. For example, the museum offers adapted tours and other activities that are tailored to the needs of people with intellectual disabilities.

The museum's accessibility plan is a model for other museums and cultural institutions in the country, being part of Turismo de Portugal recommendations and best practices. It shows that it is possible to create museums and cultural spaces that are inclusive and welcoming to everyone.

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