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Swimming pool Jonfosse Luik - Zwembad Jonfosse Luik - Belgium

  • Belgium
Scope of application
  • Built environment
Type of organisation
  • Public administration
Organisation responsible
  • City of Liege - Plain Pied

The infrastructure meets the standards of the ACCESS I label which aims for accessibility for people with reduced mobility and people with visual and hearing impairments. The pool and changing rooms are wheelchair-accessible. The floor and wall coverings are well differentiated including tactile tiles and corridors in contrasting colors.Special attention has been paid to good acoustics in the pool, changing rooms and offices.

The slogan 'from the community for the community' is of great importance in this project. Besides a swimming pool, the building also has a social function by providing public sanitary facilities for the inhabitants of Liège who do not have them at home. 

The swimming pool is part of a plan by which the Walloon government intends to build or renovate 50 swimming pools within 5 years, in order to further expand the local sports infrastructure.

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