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T12T meetups - Sweden

  • Sweden
Scope of application
  • Technology
Type of organisation
  • Other
Organisation responsible
  • Volunteers
  • AccessibleEU National Expert for Sweden

T12T is A11Y in Swedish. Usually held in Stockholm, but sometimes in other cities in Sweden  or online . These meetups have become very popular. The idea is to have a handful of short presentations about accessibility  from different perspectives (end user, designer, law maker, editor, developer) and a lot of time for networking.

It is always free, and nobody gets paid for contributing. But companies and others are happy to contribute by letting us use their meeting facilities and usually provide a light meal as well.

The community has about 2300 people in its mail list (may 2023). The meetups usually gather 50-100 people, sometimes several hundred. 

More about T12T meetups for 10 years.

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