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Teiresiás Centre, Komenského náměstí 2, Brno - Czech Republic

  • Czechia
Scope of application
  • Built environment
Type of organisation
  • Student
Organisation responsible
  • Masaryk University

The Teiresias Centre is a unique example of an accessible environment at all levels. The combination of preserving the historic appearance of the building and making it physically accessible  is a challenging task that can be seen in the virtual guide. Please, go to Barrier-free university environment  and then select Komenského náměstí to see the virtual guide.  For this purpose a variation of accessible features were used (e.g. ramps, platforms, elevators) and the presmises are often showcased as example of good pracitce in Czech Republic.

In addition to the physical accessibility of the building itself, care is taken to ensure accessibility in employment, teaching and events, which is achieved through the use of a variety of equipment and know how of the accessibility experts.

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