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We Glad (Welcome Gladiator) - Italy

  • Italy
Scope of application
  • Personal autonomy
Type of organisation
  • Company
Organisation responsible

We Glad (Welcome Gladiator) is the first open social navigator, an app built in order to collect accessibility information all around the world.

The system is built in a way that everyone can contribute to it by mapping the accessibility conditions of streets and facilities. Participants can also play, receive rewards and learn about inclusion.

The app maps entire areas, enabling its users to identify routes that avoid architectural barriers, also thanks to personalized filters.

Users can also interact with each other or in groups, share visual data and ask for information or help. In order to contribute to it, users can map obstacles by taking photos of architectural barriers and publish them on the shared map. Users can map out public facilities in a few clicks by providing key information concerning the accessibility of inside spaces.

Finally, they can find useful information to reach their destinations, such as accessible transportation, wheelchair friendly parking spots and the time needed to reach that destination.

More about Welcome Gladiator.

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