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Whable. Information on the accessibility of facilities - Italy

  • Italy
Scope of application
  • Culture and leisure
Type of organisation
  • Organisation representative of people with disabilities
Organisation responsible
  • Whable

Whable is a digital app that can be used to find restaurants, bars and other locations accessible for people with disabilities.

Persons with reduced mobility or using a wheelchair provide in first person clear and reliable information for other users on the accessibility conditions of each facility or location, therefore allowing other persons with disabilities to move freely and without taking risks.

The app is especially useful for the information provided by people with disabilities, but it also includes feedback provided by others, such as friends, colleagues and relatives.

Whable provides with a space where people themselves can exchange reliable information on where to spend their own free time. Thanks to the feedback provided, locations reviewed positively could receive the Whable badge, which can be displayed at the entrance in order to confirm its accessibility.

More about Whable. 

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