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Good practices are collected through a form specifically created to gather the information needed to decide whether the practice is adaptable to other contexts. Go to the Good practices section to get the details.

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  • General information
  • ITU’s Development Sector (BDT)

ITU’s Development Sector (BDT) work in ICT accessibility supports the advancement of the global disability-inclusive agenda and the development of inclusive digital communities...

  • Report
  • Maja Cappello, Sophie Valais, Justine Radel-Cormann, Abigail Rekas

This new report by the European Audiovisual Observatory examines the provisions in European and national law and looks at the different solutions found and implemented by the various service providers established in the EU member states...

  • European Union
  • General guidelines
  • Inter Vlaanderen

This website serves as a learning network, facilitating the exchange of knowledge among municipalities, Inter, De Lijn (bus company), users, the field, and the Flemish government concerning accessible stops...

  • Belgium
  • Communication
  • Constantinos Evangelou

This publication is a blog post describing the process of assessing accessibility of an online service provided by the Republic of Cyprus to citizens affected by the bail-in during the financial crisis in 2013 in the Country. The service was developed by the Digital Service Factory of...

  • Cyprus
  • General guidelines
  • Kamil Kowalski

Switch 2.0. “Designing without Barriers” is an updated version that takes into account new regulations and standards to build a more inclusive and comfortable space for everyone. Thanks to this publication architects, designers and people planning projects will be able to create universal concepts..

  • Poland
  • News article
  • Zero Project - The Essl Foundation

This Essl Foundation supplement to "Die Presse" has been published on this day since 2017 and for the past three years. The Essl Foundation uses it to highlight its concerns for a world without barriers. On this day, around 77 innovations from the Zero Project 2023 from all over the world...

  • Austria