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AccessibleEU is carrying out the planned research.

Multimodal solutions to foster accessibility in digital products and services

This study has been carried out as part of the AccessibleEU project with the objective to provide an overview of the state of the art of multimodal accessibility, based on policy and legislation analysis, desk research and stakeholders involvement activities.

The report begins with the background and definitions, as well as the methodology used for the study. Then the results of the desk research and stakeholders consultations are presented.

After that follows an overview of policy and legal aspects on multimodality and examples of innovative solutions. The final parts of the report contain conclusions and recommendations, as well as references.

The methodological approach combines several research tools, to ensure a thorough investigation of the topic of multimodal accessibility. The methodology encompasses desk research, surveys, interviews, and workshops with experts to provide a holistic understanding of the subject matter.

Multimodality means, in the context of this study, that the users may choose the way they want to interact with the ICT.

29 MAY 2024
Multimodal solutions to foster accessibility in digital products and services. The DIGITALEUROPE study for the European Accessibility Resource Centre